Here’s the Down & Dirty . . .

Created for those who think a little differently about this runnin’ stuff.  The Mud Run is definitely NOT your average 5K. The Mud Run is for the adventuresome spirit and is a family friendly race.

The only thing serious about this race is the MUD.

Participants run, walk, skip, trot, cavort through our 5Kish (please refer to helpful hints section for the clarification of “ish”) course, which winds through the scenic trails of Two Rivers Park.  Participants must overcome an “obstacle” or two along the way (please see the website for what the definition of an obstacle could be). Then finish with a spectacular frolic through our world-renowned 300-foot mud pit, which is filled with rich Arkansas mud.

The point is not to finish fast but to finish with style. 

For centuries, Mud Run mud has been the beauty secret for countless women.  Found exclusively in the hallowed ground of the “Pit”, the Mud Run mud is packed with the finest organic ingredients (i.e. sticks, grass, a few rocks, couple roots, a sock, shoes left over from last year’s race) that soothe, tone, soften and detoxify your body. The Mud Run mud will leave your skin visibly dirty, but younger and smoother looking in less than 10 minutes.

You will emerge from the Pit feeling like a Goddess.

Spa treatments like a romp through the Mud Run mud pit could cost a squillion dollars at some hoity toity spa.  But, for the mere cost of registration in this year’s Mud Run, you can immerse yourself in a world of unique tranquility.

Act Today! As soon as the word gets out on how fantastic the mud really is, we will have to charge a squillion too and then hire some hunky guy named Perry to tell you how fabulous you look.

Races are held rain or shine and will not be cancelled except for cases of severe weather. The race officials will evaluate weather conditions and make an appropriate determination regarding initiation, cancellation, or continuation of the race. Such determination shall be based on prudent consideration by race officials in conjunction with local law enforcement and/or other officials.

In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, race officials reserve the right to alter, cancel, or eliminate any/all portions of the race or to make any modification concerning the time, length, or nature of the event.

RACE DAY SCHEDULE (well sorta)
7:32 am      Late Registration/Packet Pick Up opens (bring chocolate – see “HELPFUL HINTS” for details)
8:50 am      Presentation of Official Types
8:52 am      Floor Show/Warm Up
9:02 am      Official Start (if CIC doesn’t drone on)
10:05 am    Awards Ceremony/Party Begins

Two Rivers Parks.  Head west on Cantrell, which turns into Highway 10. You are heading away from downtown Little Rock and toward Pinnacle Mountain. You will see the Sonic and Kroger – slow down because you turn at the next street light, which is Pinnacle Valley Road (heading north). Follow Pinnacle Valley Road, which turns into County Farm Road. Follow the signs to Two Rivers Park.

Only the top three men and top three women will be timed (unless we forget to start the clock – then we give it a pretty good guess).  Anyways, other nifty awards will be given as follows:

  • Cleanest (just one of those)
  • Dirtiest (one adult & one child)
  • Best Costume (one adult & one child)
  • Best Entrance Into The Pit
  • Best Performance While In the Pit

. . . and much, much more!

Sorry, awards will not be mailed.

Measurement is conducted in accordance with the loosely structured “Official Mud Run Rules”.  We make no claims of accuracy as to the distance and pride ourselves on getting darn close (thus the “ish”).  Due to the nature of the Mud Run, the course is subject to change at any time due to atmospheric pressure (aka the CIC’s mood race morning), course conditions, a Zombie outbreak, or random things we have no control over.

2015 Course Map (click here)

Little Rock's Dirtiest 5K